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The Synergy of life is the glue that holds the physical and emotional together. The unseen parts of spirit and energetics.

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Spirit and energy - soul and love

Tapping into joy and inner healing, customized for you

Stepping into your highest purpose for you and future generations.

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Tammy M.

Synergy Soul Session Review
I loved how Kelly connected with me from a heart space. Her reading was definitely felt with love. The information she provided me was so insightful and resonated in so many ways. If you are thinking about working with Kelly - Just do it! She is amazing
Adranna C.

This reading gave me a lot of clarity around things in my energy/subconscious mind that I really was unaware of. Understanding these blocks I know is going to open me up in the ways that I've been seeking. The energy healing was so powerful, and left me feeling so incredibly light and like I was on cloud 9
Kelly S.

I absolutely loved how much everything that Kelly was saying, completely resonated with me! I was blown away with how accurate the things were that she was discussing. I gained a better understanding of chakras/energy and how to help with healing.
Rebecca M.

My experience with Synergy Soul Reading was truly amazing. Kelly's readings were spot on. I felt like she looked deep into my soul. She mentioned things that I have rarely spoken about with anyone.. Highly recommend!
Seamless process

How It Works

01 Get Curious

Bring an open mind or heart to one of our healing circles or download a free meditation (see what resonates above)

02 connect

Connect with us if you want a more personalized approach in connecting to YOU. A Personalized Synergy Soul Session (Energy reading and healing) or look at our monthly membership (The Synergy Collective) for group reading and healing. What is your speed?

03 Integrate

Each reading and healing touches on areas of our soul that need release and growth. Time to integrate lessons in a supported way is a crucial step in this process. As we continue, we work on the next layer and continue to grow together.

04 Thrive

Moving through lessons in a supported way through our memberships or personal intuitive coaching with a synergy soul session package. All roads lead here - it is your choice to select the level of support you desire.

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Pull up a seat

Let's do this Together!

All it takes is a little curiosity and the bravery to have an open mind and an open heart. 

Energetic Reading

Everything is energy, and everything leaves an energetic "signature". Experiences, emotions may be processed but still be "stuck". This is what we identify in an energetic reading.

Energetic Healing

"Stuck" energy can be moved many ways. At synergy thrive we start with basic guided meditation with a dash of intuition. Awareness and messages from the divine allow this energy to move through, creating a very healing experience.

FAQ: Does energy reading or healing have to be in person

No, many sessions are conducted virtually with significant energetic shifts.

Group Energy Reading

Many times a group is called together for a REASON. Themes may include love, relationship, Abundance, Money. The possibilities are endless, and the energy of the group as a whole is worked on together.

FAQ: Are the meditations pre-recorded

No - all meditations and healings are customized to the person or group for that day and time. If you are a group member, you will have access to the recording after the session has completed.

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