Connecting to your spirit in your message and mission - A journey of serving others

The Journey of Serving Others 3-Part Series

The Synergy Thrive Podcast

Protecting Your Life Mission: The Energetics of Impact

Your mission, your purpose… it has it’s own energy! 

For those of us who serve others and create transformation in this world, there is much to learn about calling in what is meant to allow your mission to take place. 

On this episode: 

 1.) Life mission and purpose 

2.) Everything is energy – the energetics and power of your message  

3.) How to call in and hold the vision for your impact 

The Energetics of Money: Calling in Abundance

As an impact maker and spiritual mama, this next episode is all about something everyone loves to talk about – MONEY. 

It is no secret that in order to have impact, share your message and create the transformation you are hoping to, in serving others – it takes MONEY and Abundance of the variety that can fill you up, and spill over onto others as well. 

On this episode: 

 1.) Understanding the dynamics of energy and the energetics of money and abundance 

2.) Where blocks come up around money and abundance (it might not be what you think!)

3.) How to call in EXACTLY the type of abundance you need to create the impact you are meant for. 


Overcoming Roadblocks on the Journey to Serving Others and Making an Impact

When you KNOW you are meant to make a difference and have an impact on others, the feeling is an internal call that is hard to ignore.

The steps to get there are not always clear, especially in the beginning! As we go along, the road also becomes harder at times as we deal with our own internal struggle of overcoming limiting beliefs, past programming keeping us small, and other roadblocks that jump up the moment we do something new and outside of our comfort zone. 

On this episode: 

 1.) How to identify an energetic roadblock that is keeping you from shining your light and sharing your message

2.) Why serving others puts you in the position to experience an energetic block and have awareness around it 

3.) Clearing the way to shine your light and step into your purpose to create transformation in others. 


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