Spiritual Motherhood 3-Part Series

The Synergy Thrive Podcast

Episode 53: Spiritual Motherhood: Guiding the Light For Future Generations

Motherhood can be tricky business, it is challenging and amazing and allows us to expand in ways we never thought possible. One of the tools that can also be used in motherhood is spirituality. So many times the insight gained from tapping into your intuition can guide you in a way you would’ve never thought of on your own. 

In this episode: 

1.  Why spiritual practice and motherhood go together so well

 2. Aligning with your highest self in motherhood

 3. How our children can benefit from weaving spirituality into their day to day life

Episode 54: Having a Spiritually or Energetically Open Child

When we are in tune with spirit and with our own intuition, we are also sensitive to the fact that others might be as well. Sometimes those “others” are our own children. The tools we use may change according to what your personal experience is and what your children are experiencing. 

There is no handbook to motherhood, but especially not when that child always seems like the “difficult” one or the one unable to handle day-to-day activities. 

In this episode: 

1.  The spiritually or energetically open child 

 2. How being spiritually or energetically open impacts behaviors 

 3. Everyday spiritual tools for motherhood 

Episode 54: Energetic Protection in Motherhood

Navigating motherhood for yourself and or your spiritually open child. 

In this episode: 

1.  The basics of energetics for life and home

2. Knowing when to call in divine healing and protection.

3. Tools and practices for weaving spirituality into day-to-day family life

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