About Me

Hello… it is so nice to meet you!

My name is Kelly Cole, I’m a nurse and nurse practitioner turned energetic healer, podcast host, and mother of two who helps women heal by realizing their own worth and empowering them to break generational patterns and beliefs so they can live into their highest purpose. As a mom, I also believe in setting the foundation for our children to grow into conscious and balanced adults.

I have done many intuitive sessions for women worldwide, helping them discover their purpose, clear energetic blocks around loving and receiving love, and connecting to their highest mission.

I’m Kelly Cole – I have spent 20 years caring for families and children as a nurse, the last portion in the deep waters of pediatric oncology, palliative care and pain management. In the wake of becoming a mother, losing a parent, and experiencing my own spiritual and physical struggles I have arrived at a place where I understand the glue holding all of the physical and emotional together lives in the unseen world of spirit and energetics. 

After completing my certification as an Intuitive Soul Reader, I was able to perceive the energetics of what I already knew from years of serving children and families. There are some things that we cannot heal without going deeper. 

 In the multitude of Soul Sessions I held with clients I understood not only where they struggled, but could offer energetic healing to release the root cause of the physical and emotional struggle. Thus my path as an energetic healer began.

Ready to heal with me?

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