Local and Virtual Events

Hi - I'm Kelly. I'm a nurse turned energetic practitioner. Now helping others heal at the soul level. Looking forward to working with you in person or virtually!

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In Person Healing Circle

Truth Mind & Body
- Hunt Valley, MD

2023 Dates:

10/29 @ 4pm

11/19 @ 4 pm

12/12 @ 6 pm


Virtual Healing Circle Dates 2023 /early 2024 (Free to attend)

12/12 @ 1pm EST
1/8 @ 12pm EST
2/9 @ 12pm EST
3/4 @ 12pm EST

Seamless process

How It Works

01 get Curious

Bring an open mind or heart to one of our healing circles

02 Connect

Connect with us if you want a more personalized approach in connecting to YOU. A Personalized Synergy Soul Session (Energy reading and healing) or look at our monthly membership (The Synergy Collective) for group reading and healing. What is your speed?

03 Integrate

Each reading and healing touches on areas of our soul that need release and growth. Time to integrate lessons in a supported way is a crucial step in this process. As we continue, we work on the next layer and continue to grow together.

04 Thrive

Moving through lessons in a supported way through our memberships or personal intuitive coaching with a synergy soul session package. All roads lead here - it is your choice to select the level of support you desire.

After completing my certification as an Intuitive Soul Reader, I was able to perceive the energetics of what I already knew from years of serving children and families as a nurse and nurse practitioner. There are some things that we cannot heal without going deeper. 

 In the multitude of Soul Sessions I held with clients I understood not only where they struggled, but could offer energetic healing to release the root cause of the physical and emotional struggle. Thus my path as an energetic healer began.

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