Soul-Led Living with Nikki Novo master intuitive

Awaken Your True Self: Embracing Soul-Led Living Soul-led living is a powerful concept that can have a major impact on the trajectory of your life. It involves following your inner truth, staying connected to your intuition, and embracing your soul’s purpose. This kind of living can be particularly transformational for mothers, who are often navigating …

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How To Overcome Anxiety Through Personal Growth

Overcoming anxiety is not impossible. The keys to truly having control over your anxiety are steeped in principles of growth, mindset, and wellness. The methods of “how to calm down” all have very similar values at the core, which continue to feed into similar themes of self care, sleep habits, meditation and overall wellness. #howtocalmdown #wellness #overcominganxiety #loweranxiety

How To Flip Your Thinking On “Beating” Anxiety

When you hear someone say they “beat” anxiety, you think – How did they do it? What was the key on how to calm down, how to calm anxiety and fear? The true key lies in the opposite of what you may think you have to do. When someone wonders “how to calm anxiety”, they also will benefit from approaching the problem with a growth mindset. Read here for our 4 revealing ways to think about anxiety reduction. #growthmindset #howtocalmdown #howtocalmanxiety #bringthecalm

How Limiting Beliefs Affect Anxiety

The beliefs we hold inside, that we know to be true, These very beliefs about our own anxiety, mental health and coping, may be hindering us more than helping us when it comes to managing our anxiety. For those who know that their anxiety is part of daily life, who are looking for ways to calm down, they will seek outside their box of comfort, and potentially learn that there is more to consider than their previously held beliefs.

How to Practice Self Love Top 7 Tips

As moms, we are caught in the “go, go, go” of life, But ultimately, how will we accomplish everything on our to-do lists, care for those who need it and feel complete in these tasks if we are not caring for our self first. You much love yourself enough to put yourself first, and these tips on the practice of self love will give you insight into how easy it is. How to practice self love and MAKE IT A PRACTICE with small decisions we make every day.