A spiritual Journey

The Spiritual Journey 3-Part Series

The Synergy Thrive Podcast

Episode 55: Awakening to Your Spiritual Journey

If you are a listener here, you may be well versed with the spiritual, or starting to dip your toe in to have a deeper understanding of your spiritual journey. 
We are here to support you! 
In this episode: 
1.) Signs you are on a spiritual journey 
2.) How messages and downloads happen 
3.) Connecting with yourself and your intuition 

Episode 56: Energetic Blocks on Your Spiritual Journey

For many who are on a spiritual journey, blocks on your path come up frequently. May times are being asked to clear our old ways, patterns of thought or old emotions to allow new growth. 
This process can be confusing, and painful as well. It is never easy when you are in the middle of things but it is so necessary to continue on your path and allow yourself to step into your highest purpose. 
In this episode: 
1.) The dark night of the soul – why am I blocked?  
2.) How to clear a block that is keeping you from your highest path 
3.) Connecting into yourself and your intuition 

Episode 57: Breaking the Cycles of Generational Patterns: Generational Healing

A spiritual journey is also a healing journey for many. Today we discuss the concept of generational healing. This is fo the cycle breakers, the healers and those dedicated to doing things in a new way for yourself and for the next generation. 
In this episode: 
1.) How do traumas and old emotions continue from your past and from your ancestral past
2.) How to identify a generational pattern in your life
3.) Healing through the generations 

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