The 3 Step Process To Letting In Joy
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#13 The 3 Step Process To Letting In Joy

Life is full of ups and downs. We are meant to experience them all. Sometimes the downs keep us locked in place, sometimes we decide to wrap ourselves in armor – so this human experience doesn’t keep slicing into our soft interior.

Then, the immense joys that we are also meant to experience fall flat.

We are meant for a higher purpose in this life. Who are you called to be? To hold? To serve as a mentor for?

In this episode, we unpack the path to slowly allowing joy back in, as we walk the path to our highest purpose. 

 How to feel the joy we are meant to feel and experience life to the fullest? In this episode we review: 

The 3 steps necessary to begin letting in the joy, and experiencing all the good things of life. 


When to acknowledge your walls/barriers 


How to move through the trapped emotions 


How to connect to yourself 


What is stopping you? 


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