Squash Your Travel Anxiey! Tips For Traveling With Children.

Squash Your Travel Anxiety Now! Tips For Traveling With Children

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We were always kind of all over the place. 

  My love was to travel and find new places and since I have had children it’s really been hard, I haven’t figured out yet like how to get back to. It’s just very different since we’ve had children! However, I have found that when we DO travel, it bumps up my anxiety quite a bit. I LOVE to travel, but the preparations are anxiety provoking with small children now.

 I was pregnant with my first and I remember laying in bed and it was like, like maybe the day before I had him, and I was just like, had this like existential crisis because I’m like I can’t travel anymore like, what are we going to do our whole life is gonna be turned around and my husband just like looked at me crying on the bed and was like, you can still travel, we can just take the baby with us! 

 Wait, we can just like do all the same things?!

 I’ve just shifted my whole mindset then, and we just have been taking all of our kids all now. We we bought one way tickets to Hawaii one time when we just had two little kids they were like four and two, and my husband wasn’t doing anything over the winter because at that time he had a seasonal position. So I was like “we’ll just go there and see if we can find work for a little bit come back again”. So we’ve always done that, and so now our kids are great little travelers. 

 They’re good Roadtrippers, they love listening to audiobooks we don’t even do screens on trips now and we will go on like 50 hour vacations like 50, hours of traveling in the vehicle and nobody will even be on screens and they’re just like, they’re “so pro”


That has taken a while to get here, a lot of screaming and yelling and (not for me, mostly crying for me) while they were screaming and yelling in the back of the bed. 


We figured it out eventually.Once you understand how to plan, and how to prepare your car/plan ride and children, the travel anxiety decreases. Traveling with children is an adventure!

 it’s different for us now because we usually fly but now we’ve really switched to doing road trips and so we started doing like last year we took a 10 hour drive which is more like a 12 hour drive, and we did it with a 2 y/o and 4 y/o.


We did screens either but we did about I don’t know 8 million snacks, and then like toy rotations and like I have a two year old a five year old so it was, we were figuring it out but it’s still not the same of, you know, being able to kind of have that freedom. 


Typically we can say “okay we’re gonna get  this flight and just go” and now, it’s so much pre planning with bringing all the stuff we need.


 And our last one was a 40 hour drive across the country and I was in the vehicle with the two little lists at that time they were probably one in three, And then, my husband had the two older kids, I don’t even know how it worked out that way but anyways we had, we had walkie talkies. 


Sometimes I had to walkie – talkie after an hour to ask to pull over because they’re yelling and I’ve thrown all the toys at them. 


But after we finally figured this out, I was just like, “oh man, now we can now we can go anywhere” 


*Disclaimer – the beginning of our “negative thoughts” interview started on traveling with children. *



Road trip packing:

1.) Pack small back to carry in to your overnight stay, with only the immediate "night time" needs and your morning change of clothes. (avoiding schlepping your large bags into each hotel, etc.)

2.) Pack the car according to what you need to reach and access, and what your kids can control and access.

3.) Immediate Access Items:


Toy Rotation Items

Play Dough Options

No Mess Drawing Items

Tablets with Games

Magnet-Draw Games

Hand-held Games (marble maze or mini pin ball)

4.) Emergency vomit bag/wipes/change of clothes

Airport Packing:

1.) Smallest, compact and light snacks and toys. Allow child to choose!

2.) Some surprises, so you can keep it interesting

3.) Take off and landing drink (ear popping = crying)

4.) Seat belt harness or car seat plan for the plane - this not only makes YOU feel better, it also
doesn't allow the child to think getting up and moving is an option!

5.) Stroller can always be checked at the gate, but helpful through the airport!

6.) All identifying paperwork for you and children

7.) If you are bringing electronics or food on the plane - be sure to have them in a separate easy grab bag for the security check.

8.) Easy off/on shoes and clothing items for the plane ride (again, security, or the dreaded on plane diaper change!)


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