If you have made it through the entire 30 days of the WHOLE 30 program, now you are ready for WHOLE 30 REINTRODUCTION.

The 30 days you have spent avoiding certain foods has most likely left you feeling differently!

It is this time that most people make the decision to either keep eating this way with some small exceptions, because they have seen the value in how they feel and what has made the difference for their daily life. Or, they decide to jump back into daily life BEFORE WHOLE 30. This will, in effect put them right where they started.

Without a plan for reintroduction of certain foods, you will have wasted the past 30 days avoiding things, knowing you feel differently, but if you jump back into eating ALL the things – you won’t know which one made you feel differently.

If you’re browsing because you’re ready to get started soon, and trying to figure out what happens at the end – this is our guide to getting started CHECK IT OUT.

The premise is to pinpoint every potentially inflammatory food group and eliminate it for 30 days.

So, you’ve went through it all now. You’ve went through the angry / foggy phase, the hungry phase, the phase where you want to eat ALL THE THINGS, and finally, made it to the amazing phase where you notice your energy is great and you think more clearly!

A PLAN is what is going to keep you from busting up all that effort you have put in up until this point.

Meal prepping, food purchases, stepping outside your normal food habits. Change can be scary!

Make sure to reward yourself with a step-by-step plan so you know for sure which of these food groups was the culprit for you.

The deal here is that everyone is different.

Signs of inflammation are very general, but include everything from:

Poor digestion, chronic allergies, chronic infections, fatigue, headaches, muscle pain, acne, chronic bloating. brain fog and joint pain.

OK so here is the plan:

Take each food group you avoided for 30 days:

1.) Dairy

2.) Gluten

3.) Alcohol

4.) Legumes

5.) Added sugar

Make a plan to re-introduce these food groups only one at a time EVERY 3 DAYS.

You HAVE to separate them. If you do not separate, you will not know which one did it when you have something like a headache, GI distress, mental fogginess, sluggish / decreased energy level, bloating, etc.

This is the part where it is also imperative that you LISTEN to your body! If you don’t feel the level of amazing you did previously – something changed.

Now, how do I know this?

I know this because I was plagued with chronic inflammatory signs, and the difference I felt after doing this 30 day diet change started a catalyst for my entire life.

When you realize you have the control to feel better by eating different things, it is very empowering.

You can check out more of my story HERE.

Finally, just know that nothing is set is stone. You have every ability to do a slow reintroduction and figure this out for yourself.

If you eat 2 things on one day and feel terrible – try it again. Do a reverse and do BOTH exact foods again on different day, with a 3 day stretch between. You can achieve feeling better and knowing that your whole 30 experience brought value to you!

Best of luck with your reintroduction!

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