Why do whole 30?

We will answer the question here, WHY DO THE WHOLE 30 PROGRAM?

First, lets start with what it is. The Whole 30 program is, in essence an elimination diet.

For the specific “rules” and guide to getting started CHECK THIS OUT.

The premise is to pinpoint every potentially inflammatory food group and eliminate it for 30 days.

30 days is QUITE a while, when you’re trying to eat differently. So, you see major changes if the diet shift is drastic for you.

There is something similar to the “keto flu” which basically comes from your body’s acute withdrawal of fast sugar to break down for energy. It starts to shift to breaking down fat instead. This process does not make you feel great, especially in the beginning.

Many feel tired, sluggish, irritable, HUNGRY, mentally cloudy.

All of the above. However, if you can have a plan together and know what you’re going to eat. Have meals made and snacks available for yourself, you will get through the first 12-14 days and then you feel great.

It is a process that is worth considering, especially if you have any signs or symptoms of inflammation.

Signs of inflammation are very general, but include everything from:

poor digestion, chronic allergies, chronic infections, fatigue, headaches, muscle pain, acne, chronic bloating. brain fog and joint pain.

There are many people who live every day with a standard of just “not feeling well” and they think it is normal for them, and for everyone else.

Can you imagine what you might discover if you just took 30 days to really see if you feel differently without some of these inflammatory foods every day?! The added bonus is you naturally fill your diet with more vegetables and fruits, so loading with antioxidants only taps down that inflammation even further.

If YOU ever wondered if you had a food sensitivity to dairy, gluten, legumes or peanuts, this is the challenge for you! This is why you do the Whole 30 program.

Once I tried it, I realized how different my body could feel without certain foods. I changed the way I looked at food and never looked back!

You can check out more of my story HERE.

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