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whole 30 is a 30 day challenge, of more whole foods and less processed foods.
30 days of whole food cooking, lets do this!

One year ago, I went through my first whole 30 challenge. This was an eye opening experience, mostly because I had NEVER tried to change my eating habits so drastically before. 

What did I find?  Mostly that I liked a lot of foods that I had never tried before, and that I felt very different when I cut out most of the junk!  My most astounding change was how I felt when I woke up in the morning. If you own the whole 30 book, you will see that the “phases” your body goes through are labeled.  Everything from “wanting to kill things” ugh! in the beginning, to “Tiger blood!” in the middle. 

Tiger blood – so appropriately named.

Typically, my lazy bones want to keep sleeping in the warm soft blankets, and my hazy brain that is wondering “WTF time is it?” when my alarm goes off.  I tend to go straight to pissed off, so I even bought myself one of those lights that emulates the sunrise about 15 minutes before the alarm (a gentle ocean wave) … so I (again) am not more pissed off… this is my typical. Once I have accepted it IS actually morning and I DO actually have to get out of bed, usually I’m good, and ready to start my day.

But tiger blood – about day 16 of whole 30. During tiger blood, my eyes pop open and my brain says “WTF am I going to conquer today?!”. 

Decreasing inflammation through your diet can benefit your body in so many ways, but increasing mental clarity and feeling energized within such a short time frame is an AMAZING feeling. You suddenly realize you do have so much control over how you feel. It starts with how you eat. 

Since that time, I largely have shifted the way I eat.  But convenience and busy life will get the best of all of us at times.  So, here I go again. I can’t wait! 

Here are some basics to get started:

  1. Clear out your pantry and fridge (you can’t eat what isn’t there!)
  2. Read ALL the things and get your grocery plan in order! 
  3. Make that plan and go to the grocery store with a very specific list 
  4. I find Pinterest to be the absolute largest help here – and I just love picking my clean eating recipes the picture!

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Getting the Pantry Ready for whole 30!

Here are some basic items I always like to have on hand (besides tons of fresh fruits/veggies/nuts/proteins):


Almond butter (replacement for peanut butter)

Coconut aminos (replacement for soy sauce)

Coconut milk 

Almond/coconut milk blend (or some other nut milk) 

Almond flour 

Nut cheese or non-dairy cheese 

Whole 30 approved sauces (Primal palate, Tessa Mae sauces, Primal kitchen) 

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