What does thriving mean to you? Inspiration towards motivation.

Thrive – defined as to grow well or develop vigorously

This tribe is all about thriving … obviously!

But what that means to each individual person can be different. Throughout different phases in life, and different goals you are reaching for. Hell, it might be different from day to day, depending where you are in life.

Whatever it means to you, go for it.

Thriving is only accompanied by an internal fire that cannot be extinguished. It is driven by motivation and inspiration, by an instinct, a knowing, a feeling that you actually STOP and listen to.

So how have your listening skills been these days? Are you tuning in? Are you checking in with yourself.

Where is the place that always makes you sing? Listening to your favorite music, standing by a stream, having your feet in the sand? What is yours?

If you haven’t checked in lately, and can’t figure out WTH is happening in life. Just go there, let that be step one. Figure out how to get to the happy place, the calm place, the place where you can sit and think. You can hear your own thoughts and reflect. Even if that means booking a babysitter or waking up early to knock out your to-do list. Figure it out.

When you get there… check in. How the ef are you?!

If you think – I’m freaking amazing, rock on! I recommend writing down some things to keep your trend going.

However, if you know you’re NOT thriving, not living to your best and fullest potential in this life, just write this :

Step 2 – {fill in the blank}, and don’t forget you already did step 1 by just getting there, then clap for yourself.

I personally like to do a few deep breaths, or do the Carlton dance… depends what kind of mood I’m in.

I hope that whatever you write down starts to form a path for you. A path towards thriving, a path towards personal growth, a path towards breathing more freely or feeling less weight on your shoulders.

Just remember, whatever path you’re on, you can only take it one step at a time.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been walking down a freaking Grand Canyon of a path recently. Yet still, I can only go one step at a time.

I hope that being here you are starting a journey with changing your diet or your lifestyle. If you are hoping to get some ideas for whole food recipes, browse around! If you are looking to start a whole 30 program here is some info to get you on your way!


The girl who locked herself in a room staring at an old painting of Hawaii (all I had, hah!) trying to find clarity… and it lead me to create this blog😘

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