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Well, hello there!

What is this tribe all about?!

  • Clean eating
  • Whole food nutrition
  • Empowering you to take control of your own health
  • Supporting you (and each other) to be the best version of yourself

Let me introduce myself. My name is Kelly, and am a nurse practitioner and a mom. I first walked into my role in 2003 as a young, naive girl working my way through nursing school. Fast forward, and you will find a nurse practitioner who has seen my fair share of shortcomings in all facets of our healthcare system. This lead me to want to take action and find a different way to make an impact.

This tribe is for anyone and everyone looking to take control of their health through eating whole foods! This community will serve you and support you to be the best version of yourself.

My own personal story is very powerful, and something I will share along the way.

Our goal is wellness, self love and self actualization through whole food nutrition, FUN, and all of those little “ah-hah” moments along the way.

So glad you are here!

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