Blueberries for the immune boosting win!

I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for some real talk science about how the foods I eat can affect my body and support my health.  I’m a nerd, (lucky for you) so my hobbies include reading articles, studies, and recent research about food!

How can a simple blueberry impact our health?  Let’s check out some recent studies regarding the health benefits of blueberries. There have been a few!

First let’s just say you can’t go wrong with berries! The EPIC (European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition) reviewed diet and health patterns of 478,535 people. This study spanned 10 countries and two decades. What did they find? Eating at least 1/5 cup of berries per day (I’ll say a heaping handful) was linked to reduced cancer risk.

Specifically a 22% reduction in risk for lung cancer.

In a Louisiana state university study, they found a significant impact on immune cells! They selected patients with metabolic syndrome, the participants drank a blueberry smoothie or a placebo smoothie every day. The blueberry was a freeze dried powder used for smoothies, but equivalent of 2 cups of blueberries.

After 6 weeks, the blueberry smoothie drinkers has an 88% increase in immune cells (specifically myeloid dendritic cells) in their blood work. These cells spark the immune response in the body when infection hits! Additionally, blood work of the same group showed decreased inflammatory markers.

Decreased inflammation, decreased risk for cancer and improved immune function.

What a powerhouse!

Want to check out our blueberry muffin recipe? CLICK HERE

Excuse me while I go plant a few more blueberry bushes in my yard.


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